We are not the largest, most flashy handyman service in Atlanta.....                                                                       We have just been around the longest! 

 Handyman rates vary from company to company. Being in the industry 27 years, I have had the chance to either work with or sub-contract from the 4 largest and most well known handyman services in Atlanta. These are established companies and usually do a good job, with exceptions of course. There are around 14 large companies, maybe 200 smaller ones-then the "fly by night" services who might not even be there the next day. I am sure most homeowners have dealt with these at one time or another. 

 Handyman rates are seldom advertised by any of these companies, and vary widely between them. Our rates are simple-we offer hourly, half-day (4 hours) and full day rates (8 hours). On larger jobs we take our daily rate and drop it to 6 hour rates for any job lasting more than 2 days. This not only saves a customer money but hopefully helps to ensure that we become your continued service provider. We urge everyone to call other companies FIRST then call us and compare the rates. Also, don't forget to ask what type of warranty they offer on the service you need. All-Pro, Atlanta offers the best written warranty in this business

                                                               - Bruce McClendon, owner- All-pro, Atlanta